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Hong Kong Anti-drugs Campaign

Ketamine K.O. so many young people around the world. Here, we take the last resort to remind our beloved ones : Don't be K.O. by Ketamine and peeeeeee...out of control !

The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited 

Our client has been given the mission to offer alternative retirement solutions to the already retired and soon-to-retire HK population. "Alternative" sometime means "Too New" in most people's minds, in the other words slow to accept. Therefore HKMC needs a very "Unexpected" strategy to break in people's mind. 

Chimelong (長隆) Theme Park & Resort

Chimelong is the largest theme park and resort in China having outlets in Guangzhou and Zhuhai. Since the opening of the high speed train and HK-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, Hong Kong becomes a very strategic market for Chimelong to win the international tourists.  


RETURN first branding campaign in HK...

A sure win idea for gamblers...



The brief is to give YOUNGOR a Brand Story to sustain the consumers' desire for the brand. 

General (Japan) Air Conditioner

When all the air conditioners are seen as the same and moving to the price war, Triangle was given the brief to re-invent the battle field for General. 

Bank of Communications

The first China based bank opened door in Hong Kong over 80 years ago. Triangle was handed the brief to tackle the "brand name" which has been widely regarded as irrelevant to banking and consumer finance.


They are innovative just wanting consumers to have fun!

COSH : "Stop smoking!"

Triangle has been helping Hong Kong Council On Smoking and Health on anti-smoking promotion for over 12 years. Year after year, we closely worked with COSH to formulate the progressive strategy to challenge what had been done in previous year, so that the momentum of "quit smoking" can go on. All were done with hearts, fortunately, our annual campaign has won different awards almost every year.