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Triangle founders from London who came to Hong Kong i8n 1995

Triangle London...

Founded in London in 1975, Triangle was one of the largest independent marketing services group in the UK. With the global expansion in mind, our founder Mr. Kevin Twittey came to Hong Kong together with Triangle London's top managers Tristan Tabori and Steve La Grave to kick off Triangle Hong Kong in 1988. Since then Triangle has become the household name in the marketing industry for "Try A New Angle".


Triangle team in Hong Kong

Triangle HK...

Triangle has brought the Inventive Thinking skills into Hong Kong. Many blue chip clients such as Watson's, Swire Properties, Procter & Gamble had signed up Triangle in the first month it opened door for business. Unfortunately, Europe had been hit by recession in 1990, and Triangle London had to draw back their investments . Turning this crisis into opportunity, rodney tam, Triangle's first local staff has done a management buy out and took over the entire Triangle in 1995.

Rodney Tam the CEO of Triangle in Hong Kong

Triangle back into GOD's Hand in 1995...

Thank GOD for all !

Triangle has been independent and put into GOD's new plan:

1) Save the Hong Kong advertising industry

2) Allow more young people to dream BIG and dream high

3) Our business is Try A New Angle, never do the same stuff because GOD Himself is very creative


"Make Money" is never the business objective, it is only the result. The real purpose is to be the best in the industry and help our clients to be the best in their industry as well.


Triangle Marketing Services Co.,Ltd.