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Chefs' Society

Listed in London, SSP Group is running over 20 outlets in the Hong Kong International Airport for 20 years. SSP Group's next move is "Down Town" , and Mong Kok is their first stop. SSP's challenges are: Mong Kok is known for Street Foods, and almost every 5 shops on the street is a food outlet!  Therefore Triangle has set its T.O.M. strategy to tackle these opportunities:

1) How to create a New Food Culture in Mong Kok?

2) What Brand Story can shake Mong Kok?

3) Naming & Brand Design to fit where we are located?

4) Tell the market "We are not food court"

Triangle's answer: Slow Cook, Eat Fast !  慢煮快食   殺入旺角



The whole candy market is shrinking by double digits years after years. Mentos has used Triangle T.O.M. ideas to turn the business around. With the new brand story which is beyond the young people's imagination plus the popular online-to-offline event, finally the sales has been increased by double digits with more than 200,000 direct interactions with consumers have been gained throughout the campaign. 


  • Generated over 200,000 direct consumer interactions
  • Sales increased by double digits


Used to be sexy and funny brand...Triangle was given the mission to turn around Kisses in Hong Kong.

In addition to new branding ads, we launched a "Advertise Your Own Kiss on MTR Ads" Facebook promotion. In which people are encouraged to tell their beloved one in an ad  how deep they love and how many kisses they want to give him/her!

We advertised the 10 winners' ads on MTR 4 Sheet, they were so loved!


  • Gained over 2,000 new fans in 5 days!
  • Be voted as Best Campaign of the Month by MTR